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"Let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food"

- Hippocrates - 


I have spent most of my life fronting punk rock/ Hardcore bands, touring throughout 23 countries with 2 music videos in steady rotation on MTV. Little did many realize in the music scene, I have a passion for raw, vegan/ vegetarian foods, juice fasting and elixir crafting. After years of coaching and consulting in nutrition and educating my clients to eat healthy, I released my first book, Raw Life in 2014. The book has been met with great reviews and sales. Through experience, research and international travel my published collection of herbal remedies, elixirs, and recipes for the alternative pursuit of naturopathic health & wellness are now all available.

Life comes from Life!



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Earth Shake Elixir


Maca Powder


Goji Berries


Hemp Seeds


Cacao Nibs


Trail Mix


Gynostemma Tea

Neck Beads




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EarthShake Elixir

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