From a very young age I had a great passion for music. I would Imitate my favorite singers and dream about fronting a band someday. Anytime I was able to get my hands on some money I would buy the latest rock, metal or punk album and play the cassette or vinyl over and over again.


One Friday night in high school, my friends and I were out drinking and stopped by a house party where a metal band was playing in the driveway. The guitarist of the band was complaining about their singer not showing up and he said "If anyone knows the words, this is a Metallica song called 'The Four Horsemen'. "

I was feeling a bit loose that night so I jumped up on the Mic and went completely berserk! I knew all the words and I was jumping around like a madman having the time of my life. people started moshing and singing along.


I felt invigorated and it was a rush I'll never forget. After the tune, people were coming up to me saying that they really enjoyed it. Some dude with a wooden leg came limping up to me and said "Yo bro, what band are you in?" I told him I wasn't in a band and that that was the first time I ever sang in public and he said "You need to be in a band." I was inspired by that.


In 1989 I saw an ad in the Scene magazine that Read "Spudmonsters seek aggressive vocalist." I was a fan of the band already and I knew a few of their songs. I got an audition and after a couple callbacks I got the gig. We recorded a demo tape and started touring regionally. We created quite a buzz and a German record label, Massacre Records signed us to a 3 album deal with Sony distribution.


Over the next 10 years we wrote and recorded three full length albums, three 

7" albums and toured throughout 23 countries with two music videos in steady rotation on MTV's Headbangers Ball. Not many people who followed our band knew I was a boxer and a very health-conscious person. I was also spiritually inclined and followed a strict vegetarian/vegan diet. 


I became a certified personal trainer in 1998 and got into juicing and juice fasting. I started coaching people on juice fasts and detoxification. As a client would near the end of their juice fast they would often ask me what they should eat coming out of a liquid diet. I would write stuff down and guide them along the way.

After years and years of doing that I had a friend who said "Dude, you need to write a book that outlines juicing, fasting, raw vegan recipes etc......"


Once again in my life, I was inspired and I wrote my first book RAW LIFE. As with music, I've toured in support of my book promoting this healthy lifestyle. I speak at universities, yoga studios, juice bars, libraries, schools and have even been asked to speak at hospitals. People often say they feel "motivated" when they hear about the health benefits of juicing and eating healthy. They also say they feel motivated when they hear about all the things I've gotten to do in my life.

Those things weren't just handed to me, there was a ton of blood, sweat and tears poured into all of my accomplishments. 


I once heard Henry Rollins tell a very motivational story about David Lee Roth (the original, and best singer of Van Halen). David Lee Roth used to go back to Pasadena, California after his success with Van Halen and he'd run into old classmates from high school. They would say "Must be nice being David Lee Roth, being a rockstar, seeing the world etc......" and DLR quickly retorted "Ya know, in high school on graduation day, we were all on the same starting block. You chose that bank job, that's a sure thing, you're gonna die in that cubicle. I chose to sail the seas of consequence."


When I need a boost of motivation to chase my dreams and break out of my comfort zone I remember those very profound words. Nothing great happens in life unless we challenge ourselves. If you want to challenge yourself, please allow me to help you reach your goals!


Don Foose

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