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Juice Fasting Coach:

Juicing is the beautiful art of extracting the juice from fruits, vegetables, grasses and roots.


A good quality juicer has the capability of masticating the fruits and veggies in a cold pressed style, leaving the fibers to the side for other recipes while you flood the body with the nutrient dense, mineral rich liquids. These juices naturally cleanse your body of toxicity, giving you what your body's craving, nutrition. Juicing and juice fasting have also been known to boost immunity, aid digestion, remineralize, rehydrate and give all your vital organs a well deserved break to rest and recharge.


Significant weight loss is also a plus for those wanting to shed a few. I'm a juice fasting coach and can't recommend juicing and juice fasting enough.



Raw Diet Instruction:

The raw food diet ideology is that cooking living foods kills off the life giving enzymes and depletes the nutritional value of that food.


Eating raw, vegan foods can act as your "Farmacy" and have been touted for boosting the immune system, controlling high blood pressure, cholesterol, arthritis and even reversing diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Raw foods are sometimes prepared in a food processor, blender or dehydrator but are never heated above 105  degrees.


The staples of a Raw, vegan diet are fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and sprouts. Remember one scientific fact when choosing what you eat:  LIFE COMES FROM LIFE

Improve your health and life style today!

- Raw Life - 

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